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The Welbot EP is a multi-functional automated TIG welding robot Which is remotely controlled by PC. It is intended for speeding up TIG welding process safely and consistently to maintain high quality performance which was manually conducted by the most experienced technologists.


Basic Configuration

Welbot-IP is a special orbital welding robot system for welding from the inside diameter of pipe or inside of valve





▶ PC-based remote operation, meaning that it provides all necessary functions in automated weld process including

  · Automatic Votage Control(AVC) for arc gap control

  · Torch Oscillation(weaving)

  · Enable distance of remote control is max 100M

▶ A welding monitoring Video System

  · Observation of the weld zone

  · Remote operation the location of wire input on a real time process

▶ Range from Ø230mm ID ~ Ø800mm ID

 Provide the excellent welding quality as the AVC function built in.

 Quick & easy equipment